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2023-06-15 12:44:20
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Monster Trainer Runner Squad

About Monster Trainer

Run to collect your monster army, train them to win the monster battle

Have you ever dreamed of running into the wild, being the craziest monster trainer, and building a big monster army?

Get ready to experience that in Monster Trainer: Runner Squad!

Be friends with pocket evil monsters

Let’s meet up with monsters in the wild, be friends with them, and discover the wild world together. A lot of interesting monster battle await you. You will become the leader of your monster army, get ready for a monster battle.

Catch Them All!

Become a fast runner to collect food, and energy to catch the new monster. There is a random chance to meet rare monsters on the way you run or in the battleground. Do not miss it, set up a battle to collect monster. Rare monsters are stronger and faster, train with them and they can give you an excellent performance on the battlefield.

Evolve and collect monsters’ food

Be a good monster trainer by always remembering to evolve your monster friends. Their strength depends on how much you can feed them. Collect enough food and energy while you are running, avoid and defeat evil monsters to keep the score. When the monster got enough power, maybe it can evolve into a stronger species. Try it and wait for the surprise!

Fun monster battle

You may run into other trainers on the way. You’d better be ready all the time for the battles with your pocket devils and monsters. By defeating other trainers, you can catch their powerful pets too, and make them one of your allies.

In the big world out there, the monsters can become your friends and stand by you in monster battle, or they can be your enemies. Collect monster and gain their trust to stay with them forever.

There is a lot more for you to explore! Let’s collect the monsters and became World Monster Training Championship Winner!

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