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About Miau

Designed to inspire you with positive affirmations and emotions.

Get rid of all the overwhelming apps in your phone as we are providing you with one of the most motivating apps called Miau.

You don’t know how to stimulate yourself in the beginning of the day?! Well, then get that drop of strength from our app, by opening the randomly selected quotes in it.

We made it really easy to use, just by lightly pressing the button “miau” will quote you the most famous and inspiring citation from around the world!

There is more to come! The app allows you to create your own quotes which other people will be able to see and get the inspiration from you.

What is really taking about this all, is that the application includes the templates where you can save your own quote or the favorite one and choose the background you would like to and design it by yourself.

Last but not least, the application gives you the ability to turn the notifications on whenever you want to read the chosen citation of yours. Let the app motivate you any time of the day!

Quotes of great people have always inspired humanity and gave them a chance to look at this world in different colors. Why don’t you paint your world in bright colors with Miau and get positive thoughts for every day?! Give it a shot and you will love it!

And now with Miau Premium you can:

Remove Ads

Use gestures

Play custom music

Unlock all templates

Eliminate app limitations

Privacy Policy: www.miau.unway.org/privacy

Terms of use: www.miau.unway.org/terms

Connect with us:

Support: [email protected]

Instagram – www.instagram.com/miau.unway/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/miau.unway/

We would love to receive your feedback to improve the app.

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