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Merge Mermaids-magic puzzles

About Merge Mermaids-magic puzzles

Use merge magic to challenge puzzles and design home,create a magic fish life.

Download and play this FREE merge game!Join this magic legendÔľĀEnjoy your leisure lifeÔľĀ

Have you ever used merge magic? Merge dragons? MergeElves? MergeLand? NOW, you can merge mermaids!Magic dragon taught Merge dragons magic to the mermaids!

You can drag and merge EVERYTHING in the Merge Mermaids to create a magic fish life!Let’s challenge the puzzle legend together.

The cute mermaids live on the beautiful seabed and live a happy life. One day, mysterious forces cursed the seabed. The life of mermaids are destroyed. They found the magic dragon and learned the merge magic of the merge dragons, hoping to save their life.

And you, our players, destined to become the SAGE of the magic creatures, helping them to build, guiding the them create a puzzle legend.

No war, No killing, No fighting. Merge Mermaids is just a completely peaceful merge game!!! 

When you enter this merge game, You will find that the seabed is cursed,everything has lost its vitality.

You have to use merge magic to rebuild the fish life.At first, you need to merge magic friends to help you.To do this, you need to merge 3 to hatch the egg fo rmagic creatures, such as magic

dragon,¬†mermaids,¬†butterfly,¬†elf,¬†ghost,¬†and¬†so¬†on.There¬†are¬†more¬†than¬†200¬†types¬†of¬†magic¬†creatures¬†can¬†be¬†merged¬†and¬†hatched.¬†As¬†for¬†mermaids,¬†baby¬†mermaid¬†are¬†fragile¬†and¬†can’t¬†do¬†many¬†things,¬†so¬†we¬†continue¬†to¬†merge¬†mermaids¬†until they evolve into more stronger like a magic dragon strong and do more jobs for the fish life.

With¬†so¬†many¬†cute¬†partners¬†assisting,¬†it’s¬†time¬†to¬†achieve¬†our¬†ultimate¬†goal:¬†design home and build¬†a¬†beautiful¬†fish life.¬†The merge magic taught by the magic dragon can not only merge mermaids, but¬†also¬†merge¬†all¬†objects¬†in¬†the¬†merge¬†game.

Merge seaflowers to produce healing oceanpower. Merge miners to get construction materials. Merge houses to build more mermaid home. Merge treasures to get huge wealth in exchange for more mermaids. There are too many kinds of things can use merge magic, such as trees, grass, rocks, food, chests, even diamonds!  Each time the item is merged, the item will be upgraded. When the item is merged many times, it will become the most beautiful and gorgeous one. Feel free to use your merge magic and create more than 400 types of objects on this merge game.

In addition to the construction, we also need to solve some puzzle levels in this merge game. Go to explore the world and wisely merge mermaids and objects.  These puzzle levels are very challenging but interesting, hope you like and enjoy!  

Merge dragons magic learned from the magic dragon, cute mermaids, and interesting puzzle levels,are you looking forward it?

Welcome to join this puzzle legendÔľĀLet’s build life under the sea together.The legend under the sea needs youÔľĀ

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Are you ready to enjoy Merge Mermaids? 


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