Medieval Clash

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2023-06-15 12:45:23
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Medieval Clash

About Medieval Clash

Beat your way from a peasant to knight in this 3D ragdoll fighting game

?Medieval Clash is a ragdoll 3D fighting game where you have to start as a peasant who dreams of becoming a real knight.


Use two fingers to control each hand of your character. Depending on the finger’s movement speed the impact force also differs. Double tap on the screen to move back and forward. And nothing else is needed. Keep your distance correctly and strike smartly.


Make your enemy fall over from a strong hit or bend him under your shield’s weight. The ragdoll system during the game will create both a sense of realism and a bunch of funny moments that will make playing more interesting and interactive.


Create a unique character of your own liking. Customize your face, hair, beard, mustache and more.

Afterwards you will be greeted by hundreds of armor and weapons, which will give you the opportunity to build your knight in any way you wish. Each weapon has it’s own fighting style so be eager choose your favourite. But you still have to defeat a lot of enemies to afford all of it?


Explore a huge world where you’ll fight with a variety of opponents. Starting your journey with bare fists among pigs and cows you will have a long way to the arenas of heroes. Beautiful graphics, interesting locations, tons of equipment and much more is waiting for you in this breathtaking Medieval world.

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