Match Up!

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2023-06-15 18:47:24
Free Casual Game
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Android 5.0+

Match Up!

About Match Up!

Relax your brain with tile match game and enjoy the zen time

Playing Match Up! every day to calm your nerves in a tumultuous world and look forward to a peaceful future where dreams come true.

Simply tap and match 3 tiles, enjoy to clear the board to complete the level. Challenge yourself and sharpen your mind with various tile matching levels that gradually increase match 3 puzzle difficulty. You will never feel dull when you’re playing this unique relaxing tile-matching mahjong puzzle game!

Travel in this addictive match up game where your goal is to match 3 tiles and clear the board. Match tiles, clear the board, create a peaceful environment for you to get lost in this zen game. Come back to it every day, as there are always new daily tile matching mahjong puzzles to explore, which allows you to care for your very own nature area and become a mahjong master! If you love match 3 puzzles or mahjong, you will love the challenge and zen mood of Match Up!

Our new generation mahjong game will have you addicted to solving tile matching puzzles, reaching new levels and becoming the master. There’s never a dull moment when you’re playing our unique tile-matching puzzle game!

In this match 3 game, you will be addicted to solve the match 3 mahjong puzzles. When all tiles are matched, you can pass the level! Reach new levels and become the master in Match Up! Surrounded by beautiful scenery, use your creativity to pass time here!

Start your journey NOW!

Match Tiles

-Tap a tile and move it into the groove below. Sharpen your mind through thousands of mahjong puzzles!

Create a Good Vibe

-Enjoy your peaceful moment in your daily life. Have the most addictive experience among this tile matching puzzle games.

Relax in Zen Place

-Take your time to solve the puzzles and clear the board. They are simply for your entertainment and will relax your brain.

Train Your Brain Muscles

-Solve the puzzle in your own way. Each tile board varies from one another.

Unique Daily Trip

-Come back to Match Up! and solve daily puzzle challenges everyday. Collect stunning backgrounds during the amazing zen journey.

If you like the traditional match 3 tiles, mahjong, puzzle games, or a master of games like these, you will definitely love Match Up!! Play offline whenever you want, experience the zen journey and explore more tiles in Match Up!

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