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About Maroela Media

All your news, books, recipes, hockey, entertainment and debate – in Afrikaans and free!

All your news – free and in Afrikaans! Marula Media keeps you informed of the latest news events and we make sure that you know what books to read, how to tonight’s food is cooked, and who will win the rugby. In our Entertainment and Lifestyle section, you can even look forward to those stories that are going to take your breath gasped for breath, you will drive to tears or make you laugh with joy and pleasure. We talk headsets opinion makers in the Great Debate, and we give you background on events in News Commentary.

We are the newsreader with the odd wig, the sauce with the nice lady baking, the referee and the uncle in the stands who threw tangerines. We are your language teacher and pal together truancy. We are your grandmother’s soft shoulder and your uncle’s shiny new car. Pour yourself a drink coffee then you socialize well together.

This is our Beta version – come and test with us and if you have any twist coming, please let us know immediately! Without your stay our app and we are heartbroken.

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