Mahjong Tile Match Quest

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2023-06-16 18:04:02
Free Puzzle Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Mahjong Tile Match Quest

About Mahjong

Tile Matching Puzzle Game! The Mahjong Quest with 2000+ Challenging Levels.

Download the most fun and amazing Mahjong puzzle game on android! An Epic adventure awaits and this is an experience you will treasure.

How To Play:-

Touch or tap on pairs of open tiles of the same symbol to remove them from the board. The aim is to clear all the tiles. An open tile is one which has both the left and right sides free.


– 2000+ Beautifully designed, hand crafted, deluxe HD layouts

– New tiles & tile sets including Summer, Halloween and Christmas themes

– Ace your game scores & compete against your friends in the ultimate

Mahjong arena

– Never lose progress. Play on multiple devices even with no internet

– Fun Mystery bonus levels

– Use Fun power-ups in tricky situations and become a pro

– Compete with your friends for High Scores

– Participate in unique weekly events and win amazing prizes.

Improve your concentration and train your brain in the most fun way possible! It’s simply the best way to use your time whether you’re at home, on the go in a cab, in the club, in a village, in the skies, at the subway or at the city coffee shop! Blitz through & you’ll never be bored again!

It is a mahjong game that lets you play in Style and it’s for everyone, be it a boy or a girl. It is lite and is also perfect to take with you on tours or vacations!

Play this amazing and engaging twist over the vanilla classic Mahjong Solitaire! Become a Zen Mahjong Master King and play like a ultimate pro!

Coming Soon:-

Levels with fun random elements and artifacts to find and collect!

New Tile variations including golden tile levels, lock and key levels, triple match levels and jewel collection levels.

* For Android 4.3 and below, app requires external storage permission to store game related data.

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