Latest Version

2023-06-15 12:43:05
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Magical Evolution

About Magical

Hunt monsters in battle royale io game!

Exciting survival battle io game of evolved monsters!

Defeat enemies rushing into the arena and challenge the world rankers!

An exciting battle starts between pocket-sized monsters, from humans, animals, and even a little odd and curious creatures, created by the alchemist’s mysterious magic.

Play tips

▶ Absorb the enemy’s energy and level up quickly.

▶ The more you level up, the more powerful skills and evolutionary monsters you can choose!

▶ If you stay still, you’ll die! Run away from the strong enemy, and shoot the weak without hesitation!

▶ Avoid enemy attacks and fire accurately like an archer!

▶ Unlock various monsters along the evolution tree and grow them stronger!

▶ Collect interesting skill cards and upgrade them!

▶ Try the various regional stages!

A hyper-evolution shooting action, Magical awaits your challenge!

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