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2023-06-16 16:38:29
Free Casual Game
Requires Android
Android 7.0+

Magicabin Witch’s Adventure

About Magicabin

Explore, build, romance, start your magical life!

?️ Welcome to Magicabin, a world full of magic and adventure! In this farming adventure game, you will play as a young witch named Ruby and use the power of magic to realize your creative ideas and build a beautiful and cozy home.

There are countless adventures waiting for you in this world. You can explore deep forests with Ruby, encounter various mysterious creatures, and solve puzzles. You can also cross mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the beach, having a wonderful time.

In the magical world, there are countless hidden secrets and stories, and lost treasures await brave adventurers. Will you be the lucky one to discover them? Awaken your magic, hop on your broomstick, and start your magical witch life!

Game Features:

? Cozy Home: In a pastoral atmosphere, grow magical herbs, play with fairies, and create your own fairy tale home!

? Free Decorating: Use the DIY system to create a unique living space where every detail is fully under your control!

? Exciting Adventures: Traverse mountains and seas, and fully appreciate the unique scenery of the magical world!

?️ Lost Treasures: There are countless secrets and legends here, whoever finds them, keeps them! Why not try your luck?

?♀️ Interesting Stories: On your joyful journey, meet new friends, perhaps a quirky witch, or a handsome wizard, or maybe even…


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