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2023-06-15 12:25:23
Free Action Game
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Android 5.1+

Magic Forest Adventure Games

About Magic Forest

Adventure action arcade platformer games that will immerse you in a magic world

?An exciting platformer games that immerses you in a magical place. Collect all the pieces of crystall and save the Magic Forest from destruction! Explore levels filled with secrets.

This is a fantastic game that combines retro and classic with modern technology. In this game you have to go through an exciting action adventure in a fantasy world. Along the way, collect gold coins, search for treasure in chests, and fight enemies and monsters, use magic and super powers.


The Magic Forest is the most mysterious place in the Enchanted Lands. He has a special protection – here everything is not what it seems. And it’s not easy…

In the center of the forest is the strongest magic crystal – the Heart of the Forest. He endows the Enchanted Lands with magic!

Everything went on as usual, but one of the wizards, Dares, decided to subdue the power of the Heart of the Forest. To do this, he went to the most impenetrable and mysterious parts of the Magic Forest. Many magicians tried to stop him, but the thirst for power blinded him and turned him into a Dark Magician. All who opposed him were turned to stone.

At this time, the strongest wizards and guardians divided the crystal and hid the pieces in different parts of the forest. And in the vicinity of the fragments formed portals that will help the good wizard to quickly find all the fragments. At the moment when the last fragment was hidden, Dares gets to the place and sees the keepers. He turned them all to stone. Dares was rampage. He understood that only magicians of light can open the magic circle that allows you to see the true appearance of the forest. It opens the Dark Portal and lets in dark spirits that are able to endow the creatures of the forest with dark power or turn into an enemy themselves. Also, the Dark Magician used a spell of dark infection. Kotore, infecting the forest with darkness, will remove the spell of its protection. There are not many Light magicians left, as well as time to save the forest. You need to collect all the fragments as soon as possible, combine them into a single crystal and defeat the Dark Mage in order to save the Magic Lands.

Magic Forest – Adventure Platformer Features:

– Superbly crafted games levels;

– Wonderful pixel art graphics;

– Simple and intuitive controls;

– 5 Wizards. Each has its own element and magic attack;

– Each magician can be improved;

– Each wizard has a unique super ability;

– Many enemies;

– Many traps;

– Collect chests;

– Around the wizard there is a magic circle in which some parts of the forest can disappear, and some will appear;

– Play offline;

– Retro fantasy style;

– Addictive gameplay.

Have fun playing the game!

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