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2023-06-16 16:17:10
Free Casual Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Lone Tower Roguelite Defense

About Lone Tower

A Roguelite take on Tower Defense Survival

Lone Tower is an idle tower defense game with a unique twist of Idle and Roguelike features. Lone Tower is inspired by games such as Oregon Trail and The Tower, it is an incremental tower defense game where you control and upgrade a single tower and have to survive as many days as possible. There is farming, card collecting, mining, and plenty of repairs to do in order to survive each day! Defend your tower until its destroyed, earn coins & gems to unlock permanent upgrades, then give it another try! Build the perfect tower for defense against fantasy creatures and foes!

Lone Tower Features

• Addicting simple tower defense game play

• A massive number of upgrades to choose

• Invest your gold coins to permanently power up your tower

• Research new upgrades to unlock new parts of the game

• Continue to unlock new research while idle or playing active

• Unlock and upgrade your card collection to provide your special new tower bonuses

• Unlock fates and classes that change the gameplay in fun ways

Will the tower you control stand the test of time in this brand new idle tower defense game? As the Lone Archer in your Tower , you’ve sworn yourself to protect your kingdom against angry monsters summoned by the Dark One. Defend your tower, upgrade your abilities, defeat waves of baddies and if you fall, rise up stronger! Lone Tower is an incremental idle tower defense game where you play the role of an archer defending their tower against waves of enemies.

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