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Little Panda: Baby Cat Daycare

About Little Panda: Baby Cat Daycare

Make your baby cat daycare dream come true!

Welcome to the Baby Cat Daycare Center! Now you’ll be running it! Your job is to complete a series of cat care activities to keep the baby cats healthy and happy. Come and take care of these cute pets!


You will need to take care of these baby cats in every aspect of their daily lives. Prepare food for cats and feed them, bathe dirty cats and groom them, as well as train them to use the toilet. You have to make sure they are given great care!


Take your baby cat to the treatment room if it is feeling sick. Do a quick check using a stethoscope. It turns out that the cat is having a cold. Use ice to relieve its fever and cold, and nurse it back to health!


It’s playtime! Explore the daycare center with the cute baby cats! There are a lot of fun interactive mini-games that you can play together, such as swinging, sliding, ocean balls, fishing and bubble machines!

Congratulations! The baby cats in the daycare center are growing up healthy under your care! We’re looking forward to some new stories that you will create with these pet friends!


– Take care of baby cats, feed and bathe them, and much more;

– Decorate the pet daycare center to create a sweet home for baby cats;

– Become friends with 20+ baby cats;

– Nearly 20 fun mini-games for you to play with baby cats;

– Create your own story at the baby cat daycare center!

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