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2023-06-15 12:41:53
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Legends Battle Freedom Fire 3D

About Legends Battle Freedom Fire 3D

Legends Battle Freedom Fire Epic Survival Aim is Open World FPS Commando Battle

Get back in action! Join us on our Legends Battle – War Zone FPS, a battle royale style active shooter game. Explore the battle ground with cautious. Shoot to kill & don’t get caught in the crossfire. This is an OFFLINE gun fire commando. Shoot targets, & play aga¬inst AI gun player. Upgrade your weapons to more powerful handguns, shotguns, and rifle assault.

There are various missions, terrains, and environment in huge area! Playing with fire and weapons in real life is dangerous, but very thrilling in an exciting, high quality FPS game like ours! You can train yourself to be an accurate shooter in the battle ground without the danger.


? Full of Action & Strife

This is an action packed, fast-paced gun fire game for people who enjoy strife & action in battle ground. Are you a real gun player with courage as well as brain to win the missions?

? Commando & Active Shooter Game

This is more than just an active shooter game. Use the best strategy & commando tactics to win! Some missions require agility, stealth, and accurate shooter, but you definitely need a good commando tactic to win every strife!

? Smooth & Responsive Game Control

It’s easy to understand and master the game control. Navigate the plane, jump, control your fall, run, shoot, get down, and do other actions in the battle ground. Getting back in action & playing with fire have never been easier.

?? Various Missions

You will encounter bomb planting missions, killing mission, hostage rescue, bomb diffusing missions, and various other missions. Stealth is very important! Don’t be a victim of enemy or being caught in the crossfire.

? Thumbnail Map View

Know where you are in the battle ground and the location of your enemies at all time. View the thumbnail map on the top right side of the screen. Know when to avoid being caught in the crossfire and when to attack with courage and determination!

✈️ Enter the War Zone with Style.

Fly on the plane, jump off, open your parachute & land on the right place! You must not fall or you will die. Find the best place to land, tap to open the parachute at the right time, navigate, and descend without issue.

? Get Rewards!

Complete the missions to get rewards! You will need money to upgrade your weapons so get as much money as you can. Who knows that playing with fire can make you rich?

? Various Weapons

Use your money to unlock weapons, from shotguns, rifle assault, and more! Upgrade your weapons as soon as possible so you will win in gun fire battle!

? Daily Login Bonus

Get daily login bonus by playing in several consecutive days. The more days you play, the bigger the reward. You need the rewards to upgrade your shotguns, rifle assaults, and other weapons.

? Shoot to kill

This is an epic battle royale game. Shoot targets without mercy, especially in killing missions or sniping missions. You must be a very accurate shooter to win.

This game is created for players who love active shooter commando real time games but you can play our gun fire game OFFLINE! It feels as if you’re playing against real gun players. If you want to win, you should not hesitate to shoot target and shoot to kill!

So, are you ready to try our game? Playing it fire is super fun! Download and get back in action now!

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