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Learning games for Kid&Toddler

About Learning games for Kid&Toddler

Learning games for kids: alphabet, numbers, ABC, shapes and puzzles for toddlers

Educational games for kids and toddlers are designed for preschool boys and girls aged two through six. Fun and engaging tasks will help them learn letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. The learning games will foster the kid’s logical thinking and focus. Children’s games and coloring pages are available ad-free and offline.

The app taps into a games-based approach, which is an essential educational tool for kindergarten toddlers and preschool kids. Learn how to count, train your memory and focus, and earn dinos in return. Figure out the letters, numbers, and shapes, solve jigsaw puzzles and draw. The educational games for kids featuring animals and dinos are free and have no ads.

Learning games for toddlers and kids, jigsaw puzzles, and coloring pages are intended for kids aged between two and four. They will help to foster creativity, memory, and focus. Toddlers will be hearing the sounds of pets, solving jigsaw puzzles, and play educational games. They will learn the numbers, ABC, and shapes. Сoloring pages and learning games for kids are suitable both for boys and girls.

Learning games for kids featuring dinos are intended for boys and girls aged three and older. Part of the content is covered by a free version. The tasks that are always available include the Alphabet, ABC Letters, Numbers 123, a couple of coloring pages, and animal jigsaw puzzles. During the free trial period, you can access all tasks.

Learning games for kids offer a beneficial pastime and an opportunity to learn the letters, numbers, and the alphabet. Free jigsaw puzzles for toddlers will be a fun treat to boys and girls alike. Engage in some coloring, study, and play.

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