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2023-06-15 12:34:43
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Last Area:Zombie Survival

About Last Area:Zombie Survival

“Last Area:Zombie Survival” is a pixel style casual shooting game.

“Last Area:Zombie Survival” is a pixel style casual shooting game. For some reason, the surroundings are full of irrational monsters. As a surviving human, you have to establish a temporary position to resist the tide of zombies. Deploy your position, equip and strengthen your weapons to make yourself stronger. Recruit assistants to cope with the crisis together. As the last fire of human civilization, persevere and let human civilization continue!

[Refreshing mowing experience]

Bring your weapons, destroy as many monsters as possible, and defend our position. In this crisis-filled world, it is possible to win by persisting.

[Recruiting assistants to expand the team]

Find the surviving humans in the world, grow your team, and fight against monsters with them. The doomsday of being accompanied is not so terrible!

[Build weapons to increase firepower]

Powerful weapons can enable you to destroy more monsters and become a zombie killer! The weapon at hand can greatly increase your combat effectiveness, with powerful firepower without fear of the corpse group!

[Deploy positions to strengthen defenses]

Strong defense will enable you to resist more corpse tides, repair and upgrade your defense devices in time. Both offense and defense can go further!

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