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2023-06-16 21:06:41
Free Trivia Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Kipas Guys:Guess and Win Gems

About Kipas Guys:Guess and Win Gems

Play now and prove your level in Kipas Guys:Guess and Win Coins check it out now

Guess the names of your favorite characters with Kipas Guys: Guess and Win Coins quiz, the current video game that unites millions of people with its difficult levels, reaches players from all over the world. Have fun guessing the original kipas guys characters with kipas guys mod and get the highest level!

Do you have the courage to be the most knowledgeable of kipas gts stumble? Can you guess all the questions to win and become the best offline kippah player?

Get all levels to get victory in kipas guys apk for free
Discover the names of each character to overcome your intelligence level with kipasgts. May luck and fortune be with you! Answer the questions with no time limit to acquire coins, the more money you earn, the more intellect you will have about kipas guys for stumble guys!

?All levels will be more difficult and you will earn more coins as you progress.
?If you don’t know an answer, use the wildcards or ask a friend for help with the share button.
?Coins are used to buy levels (in full) and give hints.
?If you run out of coins you can watch rewarded videos.
?To win you must guess the correct answer on the screen.

Complete all 4 kipas guys 5.0 challenges and test your kipas guys mod level, how well do you know kipas guys original? Become the master of answers with the most difficult questions and the best reward!

Complete these levels to achieve success in Victorious Music:

More than 40 questions to complete kipas offline and much more!

In this challenge you will find questions such as:
?Skin names…etc.
?Map names…etc.

Let’s see if you are a real fan of kipas gts stumble!

Show your knowledge in kipas guys for stumble guys!
It’s not always about being the fastest to win, collect coins to fully complete a level and advance to the next question picture. With every answer you get right, the greater your rewards will be with kipas guys 5.0.

Play with friends!
Exchange knowledge with your friends to complete kipas guys apk and get the final victory!
How much will you know about kipasgts?

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