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KIDSBE развитие ребенка


Your child will be fully developed and the preparation for school will be successful.

Find out your child’s developmental level according to their age and fill gaps in a timely manner with video recommendations from early childhood education experts.

1. Child development within the framework of GEF DO

The child develops in several directions: social and communicative, speech development, physical development, thinking, creativity development.

2. Calendar of child development, skills and abilities

Easily and visually track the dynamics of a child’s development at different stages from 2 months to 7 years.

3. Video recommendations from experts

More than 500 videos from child development specialists with detailed recommendations for the harmonious development of the child and the correction of possible problems that can have a serious impact on the future of the child.

Free up time from the tedious search for the right specialists and reduce the cost of tutors. The development and upbringing of children will become more convenient and efficient. Children should receive the highest quality support.

KIDSBE is the place where parents will find answers to all their child development questions.

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