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Kids Meals Recipes & Guides

About Kids Meals

Have less meal stress with our feeding guides, meals, and over 450 easy recipes

This App helps you understand kids’ nutrition needs and mealtime behavior and provides ideas for serving a variety of foods. It is a must-have app for parents with toddlers and kids from 2 to 7 years old. Created by board-certified professionals.

We know how feeding kids can be challenging and exhausting. So we work hard to make it a little easier for you.

Our recipes are easy, delicious, and a great way to add variety to the meals you serve your family. Sometimes changing your mindset and simply offering food in a pressure-free way can minimize mealtime stress.

This app features recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for kids and the whole family.

Our cookbook is constantly being updated with new and seasonal recipes to offer you plenty of options, including vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-free recipes.

You can filter recipes according to allergens you wish to avoid, dietary preferences, ingredients, prep time, lunchbox-friendly, and more.

Save your favorite recipes, so you can quickly find ideas for what to cook!

The fun food ideas section is a free guide with easy activities for creatively offering each food. It is an A to Z food library you can consult according to available foods or ones you want to offer. So if you have no idea how to help your child learn to like broccoli our app gives easy and fun suggestions to help your child be more likely to try it.

Our monthly meal plans are linked to the direct recipe and easy to follow. They can serve as inspiration when you run out of ideas on what to eat. The meal plans are updated monthly with new recipes and seasonal foods so that you can always start the month with fresh ideas.

Kids Meals App also features a range of manuals to help establish peaceful meal times with your kids.

“Division of Responsibility” – A guideline to reduce stress at meals, allowing kids to eat according to their bodies needs for growth. In this guide, you will learn your role as a parent/caregiver and your kid’s role at mealtime.

“Eating Schedule and Routines” – One of the first things pediatric dietitians recommend is that families implement a predictable meal routine or meal schedule. So in this guide, you will learn how to get organized to offer kids meals and snacks throughout the day.

“Building a Kids’ Plate” – We answer common questions like “how much should my child eat?” or “what are portion sizes for my child?”

As well as tips to help you deal with more selectivity or strong opinions about the foods you offer.

“Food exposure” – Introducing your child to new foods can be daunting as several factors influence children’s eating habits. Around 20 months, many little ones go through developmental stages in which they show increased fussiness and food refusal with unfamiliar foods.We show you how to make meals more attractive and give tips on how to navigate selective eating.

“Vegetarian and Vegan Diets” – Families will have resources to build well-planned plant-based diets and understand how to meet nutrient needs for multiple stages in life, including toddlerhood. In addition, there are many vegetarian and vegan recipes in our app.

“Sensory Aspects” – There are many factors other than behavior that can affect selective eating. In this guide we give tips to help with the sensory aspects related to food refusal and help you understand eating as a sensory-motor experience.

Having recipes, meal plans, fun food ideas and activities, guides, and strategies right in the palm of your hand is why you should download this app right now!

For any questions, message us on our Instagram @KidsMealsApp!

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