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Kids Learning Games (Ages 2-8)

About Kids Learning Games (Ages 2-8)

How can learning be fun? 40 Educational games for kids to get smarter

Collection of Learning games designed for toddlers, preschool kids, Kindergarten, primary school and family games.

List of the Educational games on the app:

Toddlers Games


• Learn colors

• Learning Basic Numbers – Learn numbers from 1-9

• Shapes for toddlers

• coloring book

• Sorting game

• Mix & Match for babies

• Ballons game

• Imagination for Toddlers

• Fun coloring for kindergarten kids- 10 different paints for kids to color and have fun painting and coloring while hearing the name of the color.

• Animals games.

• drag to shadow

• 2 parts puzzles

preschool games


• abc Letters – Learning the alphabet made fun.

• abc Sounds – Develop phonics and learn the phonemes of the alphabet before first grade.

• Writing Words – get ready for school

• Connect the dots- connect the dots to create an image.

• What’s Missing? – A challenging game to improve reasoning and intuition in preschool

• Counting – An interactive game to improve basic math

Kindergarten Learning games


• Story – develop kids social skills

• Matrix- expand kids logic ability

• Series- what is the logical sequence.

• Auditory memory- develop memory.

• Attention game- Improve kids focus and attention for details.

Educational games for 5 years old kids


Hanoi towers- solve the hanoi quiz.

Slide puzzle- improve your logic and predicting.

2048- Improve Math and solving problem ability.

Peg solitiare- Solve this Educational puzzle.

Puzzle – smart jigsaw puzzle

Family offline games for playing together


• getting ready in the morning with timer and happy songs for every action- brushing teeth, get dressed, morning exercise.

• Snakes and Ladders- for kids and parents to play together.

• Emotions Detector- emoji game for kids and parents quality time.

• concentration game for the all family

* Tic-Tac-Toe

* 4 In a row

All the games were created by Shubi Learning Games

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