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K-Friends – Make Korean Friend

About K-Friends – Make Korean Friend

Have a conversation with your global friends and try language exchange.

Friends who love Korea, K-Friends?

Who wants to make Korean friends?

Who wants to have fun studying languages around the world?

Who wants to know about Korea and communicate about Korean culture?

Who wants to communicate with each other even if it’s far away?

Let’s make Korean friends and study various languages together.?

How about finding a local friend before going on a trip?

If you first meet Cape Rend friends used in each country on the app and make friends who are like you, then you can have fun with them while on a local trip.?

Aren’t you curious about how your foreign friends are living and how they are different from yours? K-Friends allows you to indirectly experience various cultures that you did not know while communicating with your friends. You can communicate with friends from all over the world even in your room!

Are you worried about not being good at English? Don’t worry though! In K-Friends, there is an automatic translation function in the chat room. If you use the automatic translation function, even if you write in your language in the chat room, the other person’s language is automatically translated and the text is delivered to the other person. You can find and chat with new friends even if you don’t know the language of the country at all!

That’s why we need K-Friends! Use the fast translation function to have a fun conversation with friends who have the same interest as me?

▶ Easy conversation! A friend that fits me well.

When you first sign up for K-Friends, you will register my disposition and interest keywords.

You can meet friends who have the same tendency and interests!

Then it’ll be easy to communicate for the first time?

What are your interests lately?

Have a conversation with your friends on various topics related to Korea!

▶ Bulletin board for my daily life and questions.

Let’s share our daily lives by posting stories!

#I’m curious #Tell me. Ask your friends what you are curious about with tags.

Communicate and answer your questions!

▶ System for Language Study

You use your friend’s voice message to listen to the local pronunciation,

Share your voice to increase intimacy!

When you find a word you don’t know, click the word to use the fast dictionary and real-time translator functions.

Then you won’t be afraid of communicating and studying languages!

▶ A pleasant global communication app!

With the reporting system and K-Friends’ management, we maintain a pleasant app environment?

We will thoroughly manage users with unhealthy purposes so that there is no inconvenience in using K-Friends. 🙂

K-Friends is not a dating app. We introduce you to various friends from all over the world and help you communicate freely, but if anyone wants to use it for an unhealthy purpose, we will immediately suspend it.

Never use the app for unhealthy purposes or advertising purposes!


We’ll update the simple word test and memo function to organize your words and grammar.?

Information on access to the app

K-Friends need the following access rights to provide services.

[Required access]


[Right to choose]

-gallery : Upload and save photos.

-Camera : Uploading pictures

-Microphone : Voice message

-Location sharing: Location-based friend recommendation service.

(The above access rights require permission when using certain functions, and you can use K-Friends even if you don’t agree to the permission.)

Developer Contact : +821044392482

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