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Jibble: Time Tracking

About Jibble: Time Tracking

Employee Time and Attendance

Jibble is the ultimate employee time tracking app, trusted by over tens of thousands of users around the world. Businesses including Tesla, Accenture, Virgin Hotels, and Pizza Hut use Jibble for time tracking.

Jibble is free forever for unlimited users.

• Instant face recognition

Verify clock-ins with lightning-fast facial recognition.

• GPS tracking

Require GPS location from your team members when they clock in. Additionally, set up geofenced locations so that they can only clock in from certain locations.

• Switch between personal & kiosk mode

Allow team members to clock in from their own mobile devices. Alternatively, turn a tablet or mobile device into an attendance kiosk that entire teams or specific departments clock in and out from.

• Allow offline clock-ins

Have team members who work in areas without Internet connection? Enable them to clock in from their mobile devices and sync it later when their connection’s restored.

• Manage timesheets on the go

View and manage your team’s timesheets from your mobile. Choose between monthly, bi-weekly or weekly pay periods to approve timesheets and speed up your payroll process.

• Configure time tracking restrictions

Choose between flexible, moderate, strict or custom time tracking rules for your team to suit your requirements.

• Manage people & groups

Running a big team? Split departments into groups and assign managers. This enables you to assign specific activities and projects to a group.

• Activity and project tracking

Track time against activities and projects to optimize the team’s time, keep track of project costs, and much more!

• Leave management

Create custom leave policies, assign time off, and track upcoming leave with Jibble.

• Approvals

Employees can submit their timesheets with work hours and overtime for managers to review.

Download the app and start tracking time for free today.

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