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Jaramba ABC 123 & lek 2-5 år

About Jaramba

Movies, books, games, puzzles, build vocabulary, play, spell, count & paint for kids

Jaramba is Sweden’s largest treasure trove for children between 2-5 years, filled with movies, books, songs and games. In a fun way, Jaramba develops vocabulary and teaches children to count and spell. Jaramba contains unique material as well as collaborations with well-known children’s characters, sorted into playlists that are updated throughout all seasons of the year. By combining exciting adventures with educational content, children are inspired to play to knowledge.

Why choose Jaramba?

– Sweden’s largest subscription service with over 800 different activities specially selected to be as fun and developing.

– Safe and secure – free from external links, advertising and in-app purchases.

– Unique content as well as adventures with children’s favorites such as Hello Kitty, Pino, Peppy Pals, Miffy, Timmy Lamm, Pocoyo, Babyloonz, Josie & Nani, Friends, Svea, Totta’s things, Variegated, Flisan, Paddington and many more.

– Materials that are sorted by children’s interests in playlists, with themes such as dinosaurs, animals, vehicles, birthdays, music, princes & princesses, stars & planets, and more.

– Playlists that vary according to the seasons of the year, such as sports holidays, Easter, summer, school start, Halloween and Christmas.

– Try for free for 30 days, unsubscribe whenever you want!

Learn with Jaramba

In Jaramba, children discover a fun and exciting world of language, mathematics, science, creativity, values ​​and much more, all at their own pace. Jaramba makes it fun to learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters while the app builds vocabulary and fine motor skills.

What kind of content is in Jaramba?

– Read and listen to books

– Watch movies and documentaries

– Develop creativity by drawing, coloring and painting, or painting with numbers

– Count, spell, find the letter and practice the alphabet

– Put puzzles, find hidden things, explore labyrinths and find five faults

– Play memory, lotto and quiz

– Listening and sorting exercises

– Activities that encourage open play and free creation

Season lists

Jaramba offers loads of content that is constantly updated. There is always something new and exciting happening. Ghost with Jaramba on Halloween, look for eggs during Easter and open doors in the Christmas calendar. Join us for summer, autumn, Christmas, sports and Easter holidays. Or why not rub the genitals for school start?

Safe and secure

Jaramba was created out of a belief that digital tools have an important role to play in children’s learning and that they should develop children’s creativity and curiosity. We are driven by creating a safe and playful place, free from advertising, links and purchases in the app. You as a parent do not have to look for apps that are suitable for children and we protect your child’s integrity to 100 percent.

How does Jaramba work?

Together with educators within the preschool, we have developed content that allows children to function as children intuitively function – curious, playful and by repeating. Our playlists are collected on a wheel that encourages children to explore Jaramba’s content according to interest and at their own pace. For adults, Jaramba may seem a bit dizzy. For children, however, Jaramba is a completely different experience!

Jaramba subscription

– For SEK 79 a month, you get full access to everything in Jaramba.

– The subscription will be automatically renewed every month via your Google Play account until you opt out. You can do this yourself at any time under My subscriptions. Changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

– If you did not start your subscription through the Google Play Store, you can change the settings through Jaramba’s My Pages.

Jaramba is also available in a version for preschool.

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