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Free Word Game
Requires Android
Android 7.0+

Japanese Flick Typing app

About Japanese Flick Typing app

Released flick practice app in 2019/3.

It was designed to allow high-speed flick input.

Japanese, English, supports a number.

Andorid, tablet, iPhone, iPad compatible.

We can compete with everyone and the speed and the number of characters in progress at the national rankings in the daily, monthly.

Updated as the day-to-day growth is seen record, daily record, also displays such as the Top100 rankings.

… is a change in the movement of the panda depending on the results of operations

Flick input will progress a game.

There is also a training app aims to speed up in earnest.

Not curve flicks only, or in response to the turn flick of Japanese flick the fastest input method

It is.

Also 2020 is an application that you want to recommend.


The first time will end is measured at 60 seconds.

Such as when it fails in the middle, you Yes as soon as possible to retry.

When you enter the first character, and start the measurement.

[I want to do in such a person]

If you want to start a flick input from now bought a smartphone

If flick input is still slow

Once but did flick input, who returned to Garake striking give up

If you entered mites now in Roman letters input, who want to soon be comfortable character input outside

Japanese is good, but is more a weak flick of English

With one hand flick until now, those who want to challenge both hands flick

But flick input national Ranker, those who want to be still faster

If you flick practice did not last so I think

If you want to typing practice on a PC

If you want to typing practice with Bluetooth keyboard


National ranking

Personal result rankings

Input position change function

Weak phrase practice function

Bluetooth keyboard support

BGM silence set

Practice time limit change set

[Various word]



The numbers

[2 types of results screen]

Nationwide rankings

Everyone competes on the net.

And individuals result rankings

It is a score ranking in the terminal.

[National ranking]

– the number of characters the national rankings

Compete the number of characters in a different-month day all the words in the app.

And speed net rankings

The word by you compete to flick speed.

[App purchase]

In this app, banner are provided on each page are available to continue billing advertising, the video ads for using the specific function

It will be hidden.

Monthly pay 600 yen / month

◆ restoration at the time of change model

At the time of change model, you can restore previously purchased monthly billing free. (Settings / billing / Restore)

Please If you are logged in GooglePlay Android device with the same Google account at the time of purchase.

◆ About automatic continuation billing


-App billing will be charged through iTunes account.

– stopping the changes and automatic updating of the registered content, please support from the setting screen of AppleID after purchase.


-App billing will be charged via a Google account.

– stopping the changes and automatic updating of the registered content, please support from the subscription screen of GooglePlay after purchase.

-App billing will be automatically updated. If more than 24 hours ago the end of your subscription period, you can stop the automatic update.

And procedures of in-app billing update is done during the period from 24 hours before the registration period until the end period.

◆ confirmation and cancellation

GooglePlay / subscription / this application / delete the specified monthly commodity

[Official] (

◆ Notes

– those who are charged within the app can not be canceled in a way other than the above

– it does not accept the cancellation of the current month.

◆ Terms and Conditions


Flick learning is provided by Kajinet.

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