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2023-06-16 15:54:04
Free Adventure Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel

About Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel

Read interesting stories and solve fun puzzle games through adventure time.

“Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel”, an unforgettable journey through time with Iris and her cat,are you able to make the right choices? Join Iris, a time traveler, and her trusty companion Kekse as they travel through different eras, facing challenges and puzzles along the way. Enjoy the timepod adventures! Everything in Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel

In “Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel”, you can choose your own path and shape the outcome of the story. With multiple endings and intricate storylines, every decision you make will have a real impact.

With beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay, this app offers a range of puzzle games and mystery-solving challenges that will keep you entertained for hours. Whether you’re a fan of hidden object games, murder mysteries, or puzzles, there’s something for everyone in “Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel”.

And with the ability to personalize Iris’s appearance with glamorous costume sets, you can fully immerse yourself in this world of adventure and exploration.

Key features:

– Pick-up-and-play: Easy to start but hard to put down

– Unique storyline: Follow intricate stories with Iris and Your choice changes the story

– Play all kinds of puzzle games

– Achievements: Document your choices and experiences

– Personalized glamorous costume sets

So why wait? Download “Iris’s Adventure: Time Travel” today and join the story of love and courage and an amazing adventure for people and pets. If you like time travel games, get on a thrilling journey!

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