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2023-06-15 12:34:45
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Impostor Shooter: Monster Run

About Impostor Shooter: Monster Run

Help Imposter escape the scary forest, defeat monsters to survive

? The Imposter finds themselves trapped in a haunted forest, where danger and crimes run rampant. Bloodthirsty and vicious creatures like ? Bambam and ? Chuu Chuu are hunting them at every step. Their screams echo through the air, shaking the Imposter’s courage. The dim light of the sun filters through dense foliage, creating a dark and eerie atmosphere.

? The Imposter and their teammates must find a way to utilize the environment around them to attack and eliminate the monsters before they trample upon their hopes of survival. The sound of gunfire and the whizzing bullets, combined with the ferocity of the creatures, bring intense suspense and excitement to the players.

? In the struggle between life and death, the Imposter and his teammates fight bravely to escape from this terrifying forest. Unwavering determination, quick reflexes, and exceptional intelligence will be the beacon of hope to defeat evil and reclaim their freedom.

? Use your shooting skills along with your intelligence and quick thinking to cleverly devise the perfect plan to help the Imposter escape from this dreadful forest.

⚔️How to play

?️ Simple moves: Drag to move and tap the button to attack nearby Imposters within your range.

?️ Unlock skins and weapons to rescue your stupid teammates

?️ Hunt and kill hordes of Zombies, Monsters, Imposters! Collect more and more coins to upgrade your weapons to make them stronger.

?️ Upgrade your skills, overcome challenges and unlock exciting levels


✔️Lots of funny and famous characters like Chuu Chuu , BamBam, Rainbow, Opila…Countless pitfalls, 100+ challenging levels waiting for you to explore

✔️Boost your brain with dramatic levels

✔️Exciting features are constantly updated

✔️Stunning 2D graphics for an engaging game experience

✔️Lively, attractive sound

✔️No wifi needed – Free – Updated weekly

?Download Imposter Shooter: Monster Run Now to start the exciting challenging adventure??

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