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iMamma Bimbo e Gravidanza

About iMamma

The app for the whole family: pregnancy, weaning, baby, activity calendar.

After Fertility, Pregnancy and Baby, iMamma becomes the app for the Family.

iMamma is the best free pregnancy app for those who want a baby or are already a mother! You can track menstrual calendar, pregnancy and baby growth. From today you can better manage your family routine and share experiences and emotions!

Developed with international specialist doctors from important scientific societies, iMamma allows you to monitor the fertile period, pregnancy week by week and baby development from 0 to 12 months. Invite your partner or relative to the app: you will experience this fantastic journey together.

Are you looking for a child? Check your fertility.

iMamma monitors the menstrual cycle, indicating the fertile period and giving useful suggestions on ovulation and conception even before becoming pregnant.

You’re pregnant? Download the pregnancy app in Italian!

As soon as you discover you are pregnant and the first symptoms of pregnancy appear, iMamma supports you! The app does not want to replace your doctor, but to help him.

Have you given birth? Are you struggling with diapers? Check out the Baby section.

Create the profile of the children, add information, use the tools, learn new things about the stages of growth and newborn development.

Many moments for the family.

Invite the family! With a single account, you and a family member will discover a world of exclusive products and services, such as the birth list, the community, the memory album and shared family calendar, shopping. With the app’s tools, collaborating on home life has never been more fun.

Fertility and functions for women.

In addition to menstrual cycle management and ovulation predictions thanks to the menstrual calendar, the app has a log for intercourse, symptoms and moods. There are contents on fertility, ovulation and conception, community and shopping selection.

Pregnancy, functions for mom.

With iMamma you control every aspect of pregnancy, single or with twins. You have information about pregnancy progress week by week with lots of texts and videos. Imagine what your baby will look like thanks to the 3D fetus and compare it to fruits and vegetables based on size! You can calculate the expected date of birth and mark sexual intercourse, symptoms, moods and pregnancy tests!

The tools will help you manage the wait to give birth: monitor your baby’s pregnancy weight and blood pressure, hydration and soccer. And there’s the contraction timer.

Inform yourself with the preparatory course and train with fitness for pregnant women and pregnancy yoga. Make new friends in the community!

Bimbo, functions for the little ones.

Create your child’s profile with a personalized wall and albums. Get informed with the videos of the newborn’s growth and its development with the advice of the Montessori Foundation, calculate the child’s growth percentiles, use the tools to manage the newborn month by month. You will find a dedicated shopping selection and chat for new parents.

The news for the family.

iMamma is enriched and becomes a family app. Connect parents or family members: track fertile days, pregnancy or baby growth together. Participate in discussions in the Community chats and answer user questions on many topics such as breastfeeding, baby’s sleep or baby bath. Organize your daily commitments thanks to the calendar where you can enter appointments (e.g. children’s vaccines) and lists (shopping, things to do). iMamma offers you a free space on the Cloud in which to save photos and create family albums. Discover iMamma Shop and buy in just a few steps. You can create the birth list directly from the app: managing it is very easy. Let yourself be inspired by the personalized sections based on your interests, share the babylist with whoever you want and receive what you like.

Your family: the heart of iMamma.

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