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Free Music Game
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Android 5.0+

Idol Party – Melody Master

About Idol Party – Melody Master

Idol Party – Melody Master is a music game which includes

Idol Party – Melody Master is a music game which includes Karaoke, dancing, socializing, and role developing. Players can experience all kinds of new and interesting music rhythm game play , You can also collect various of luxury outfits and items in different styles,build a lovely home with your love . Combined with video, voice, bullet screen, LBS and other social interaction, you will experience a new virtual world of music.

Idol Party – Melody Master adopts a fresh and aesthetical style, try to make players who love beauty and technic feel the ingenuity of the production team.

[Dance Mode]

There are three modes of charm dancing in our Idol Party – Melody Master, which have different characteristics.

1.The classic mode is to hit the direction key with left and right hands, When the ball in the metronome moves to the blinking area , enters the best hit point! Hit BEAT button to get score .

2.The notes falling from four tracks provide you with the fun of multi track playing.

3.In rhythmic mode, notes appear randomly on the screen according to the music beat. When the note enters the best hit point, hit it and get the score !

[Karaoke live]

The Karaoke game play of our Idol Party – Melody Master is not just a traditional single room but can hold 6 players to play together. You can order the song freely in the room. The system will arrange you according to the order of ordering songs. The singing one can choose the singing style according to their own preference! If you don’t want to sing, you can cut the song directly; Feel free to sing as if it is real KTV.

[Shopping paradise]

Sweet style, celebrity style, British style, There are colorful clothes in game shop. Here you can buy what you love, DIY and change your clothes to your favourite. There are also cool mounts, and thrones of fashion which makes you the king of the stage.

[Social world]

You can meet other players in our unique plaza and the funny amusement park where you can hang out with friends and play Ferris wheel with lovers. You can also join the guild system, make friends from all over the world, grow up together, start a career together and become a superstar in this music world!

[Heaven of Love]

Do you expect a love one to accompany you through warm and romantic game time? Come and join our Idol Party – Melody Master now! Here you can boldly express yourself to the person you like. Walk into the church with your lover and build a warm home together with the blessing of friends.

[contact us]

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