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Free Role Playing Game
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Android 6.0+

Hustle Life Drug Dealing RPG

About Hustle Life

Fun text RPG & drug dealer game! Hustle & become the drug lord in the dope wars!

Live the life of a drug dealer – Hustle Life enables you to feel the world of dealing drugs. Start fresh, strategize, plan and make the right decisions to become the dope king. Deal in the midst of the war on drugs & enjoy one of the most thrilling drug dealer games. Tackle all the dangers, attacks and risks that come with the business… it’s a dangerous world for a drug lord!

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Through our text-based rpg selling drugs game, you’ll learn how hard it is to stay alive/free as a drug dealer. In a crazy fun dealer game, you need to make as much money as possible without getting killed. Most of the time it’s easy to make cash fast, but there always a risk (which is indicated in the game). You are on your own to make the right decisions and grow your business.


Hustle Life isn’t just about making money with selling drugs – you can also earn cash and grow as dope lord by doing other criminal activities. Think of robbing a store or kidnapping a businessman – you need to make money & grow. Every once in a while, cops or rivals will bother you, you need to show strength and survive the constantly exciting drug wars.

Watch out, in our text-based RPG, the danger will come at random times. And you’re never quite prepared. Good luck in the dangerous drug dealer game!


Deal wide variety of drugs

Buy cheap and sell high – it’s just like a real legal business. But this is dangerous & illegal, so your heat will rise every time you make a deal. If this gets too high, try not to move any drugs a few days. The drugs you can sell are Weed, Xanax, LSD, and Coke. This means that you can become the ultimate ganja dealer in a weed dealer game or a drug lord moving all sorts of different drugs.

Earn more & show power by doing criminal activities

Rob a store or kidnap a businessman to earn some quick cash. With a couple thousand, you can expand your drug dealing empire easily. Again, watch out, when the risk of the activity is high, your heat will rise a lot.

Embark in ultra-exciting random encounters

After a few days, you will stumble upon your first random encounter. In these encounters, you can get into a lot of trouble or help someone that is in trouble. In our exciting text RPG, all outcomes are random, so you’ll never get bored.

Don’t miss the Offer of the day

The random ‘offers’ throughout the game let you make some cash quickly – don’t miss them. The price of drugs will be low, and you could make a lot of profit. You’re also able to buy this with lent money. The ‘offer’ also includes a bag which allows you to carry more drugs. Prove that you can manage the money wisely in a super-interesting selling drugs game.

Watch the heat or you get killed

You should watch the ‘heat’ carefully during the game. If it’s too high people will start to look for you and kill you. When they find you, your chances of surviving are very slim.

Now it’s time to live the Hustle Life! Pick between 3 game modes, enjoy street art graphics & hip hop soundtrack and start hustling…

Get this exciting drug dealer game & start a journey of excitement that you can’t find elsewhere!

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