Honkai Impact 3

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2023-06-15 12:18:20
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Honkai Impact 3

About Honkai Impact 3

Woven from Last Snow

[S-rank Battlesuit | Dreamweaver]

After her rebirth through the transcription process of Project Stigma, her former self now seems as distant as soft whispers in a dream.

But just as she retains the name Misteln Schariac, the ability to bridge the Stigma Space with reality remains ingrained within her even now.

New S-rank battlesuit Dreamweaver debuts!

She’s a MECH-type Physical DMG dealer who can summon Seeds of Idea to assist in battle. After casting Ultimate, she can summon astral body for close combat and throw short spears to charge the javelin.

[SP Battlesuit | Terminal Aide 0017]

A beacon of hope rising from disasters and bearing witness to the rebirth.

Quartz brings her wisdom, and steel forges her strength.

She’s a witness to the past and a protector of the future to come.

As time marches on, she captures the sorrows and glories of old on her new journey to find the meaning of life in a new and strange world.

New SP battlesuit Terminal Aide 0017 debuts!

She’s an IMG-type Physical DMG dealer who uses her gigantic fists to break enemy defense. With excellent shield breaking, she can crush enemy shields with ease.

[New Story Chapter | Of Salt, Snow, and Sand]

“”When we are finding our way forward in the dark, we will hold on to anything we come across, as if it is the only hope.””

Story Chapter XXXVII is now available with new game mode Inscribed Whispers. Play the event to get event stigma Susannah: Overtime, Crystals and more!

[Bonuses Event | Iridescent Color]

During the event, complete specific missions on the event page to exchange for Crystals, Honkai Shards, Einstein’s Torus and more in the event shop.

[Login Event]

During the event, log in to get up to Focused Supply Card x5, SP Supply Card x10 and Terminal Aide 0017 Fragments!

[Featured Event | Merry Market]

These are products catered to your interests and preferences~ Welcome, Captain~

Purchase relevant bundles or spend Crystals in Supply events to obtain Dreamy Pulse Headphones and exchange them for Chrono Navi’s outfit Leisurely Melody, an S-rank battlesuit of your choice, Rank-up Stamp, Collector’s Card and more!

[Featured Event | TeRiRi’s Magical Quest]

In pursuit of a lofty and dazzling dream, she secretly made up her mind and embarked on a journey towards miracles.

Planning the route, packing her bags, gathering companions… although there were stumbling blocks along the way, she finally made it!

However, the big question is whether the end of the journey would live up to her expectations…

Featured event TeRiRi’s Magical Quest is released! Embark on the journey with TeRiRi! Play the event to get Herrscher of Thunder’s new outfit Nocturne Ablaze, Crystals, Terminal Aide 0017 Fragments and more!

[Equipment Updates]

Unleash unprecedented power! Javelin Prophetic Dreams, fists Pandora’s Box 18th and PRI javelin Prophetic Dreams: Self-Fulfilling have joined the arsenal!

Stigma sets As You Wish and MOTHs Days have joined the arsenal!

[More Outfits]

Chrono Navi’s outfit Leisurely Melody, Herrscher of Thunder’s outfit Nocturne Ablaze and Reverist Calico’s outfit Simply Orange debut!


One must crawl through the darkness before being born. The ability to bridge the Stigma Space with reality may have more uses.

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