Hippo Dash

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2023-06-16 18:29:35
Free Racing Game
Requires Android
Android 6.0+

Hippo Dash

About Hippo Dash

The first meta-entertainment casual game

—What is Hippo Dash?

Developed by Gameta, Hippo Dash is the world’s first meta-entertainment casual gaming experience built for both Web3 and mainstream gamers. In Hippo Dash, the Hippo Planet is threatened by invading aliens, and players need to recruit the inhabitants of the Hippo Planet to defend their homeworld.

Throughout the game, players control their dashing Hippos to break through obstacles, avoid pitfalls. Players need to go as far as possible in the game while picking up different treasures to earn higher points. Players with high points will be rewarded with large amounts of Gameta’s in-game GDO tokens.

Additionlly, Hippo Dash has also built a comprehensive Web3 system including intergrated wallet, NFT system, anti-cheat mechanism, thereby creating a 1-stop conviniet ecosystem for users to play, earn and enjoy themselves in Hippo Dash.

—How to Play Hippo Dash?

Once Hippo Dash is installed on your phone, follow the registration instructions in the application to complete.

To be able to play Hippo Dash, you will first need a Hippo Club NFT and a BNB Chain wallet.

You only need to have Hippo NFT, you can start the game on the game launch date.

In order to access and play Hippo Dash, you will need a Hippo Club NFT.

—How to get Hippo NFT?

Gameta aims to bring more people into Web 3.0. Players can Free mint Dash hippos in soga.io after the game goes live,

There are 300 Dash hippos to be claimed in the first season

How to receive Dash Hippo:

1.Login to soga.io

2.Free Mint Dash Hippo (players need to pay Gas fee)

2.Login to https://www.gameta.pro/#/ to download Hippo Dash

4. Start the game and become a hippo warrior

Players can also choose to buy high ranking hippos to get higher game rankings ?



—How to get higher points?

Total points score = (distance traveled + total props score) x (1 + hippo level bonus)

Players need to run as far as possible in the game and receive more props to get higher points!

Different levels of hippos have different percentage of bonus to the game points!

For more information please its official channels to find out more:

Gameta Twitter:https://twitter.com/Gameta_Official

Gameta Discord: https://discord.gg/ff2fkssxvN

Gameta’s Hippo Club NFT Twitter: https://twitter.com/GametaHippo

Gameta’s Hippo Club NFT Discord: https://discord.com/invite/yqa229h7tZ

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