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2023-06-16 10:51:49
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HiDaddy Pregnancy app for Dad

About HiDaddy

Daily dads guide to pregnancy

Congratulations! Have you already learned that you are going to become a father? That is amazing news!

Are you nervous? Are you feeling scared? Are you feeling uncertain and happy at the same time?

Yes, that means that your child will be born!

Do you want to know how your child is developing? Do you want to experience this amazing time with your partner?

Get ready to install the HiDaddy application to get daily information from your baby!

Thanks to the HiDaddy application:

? Your child will let you know how it is developing.

? You will know what your partner feels when she is pregnant.

? Your baby will tell you how to take care of its mother to make her happy.

? You will not be afraid of your partner’s moods and whims because the child will explain to you what is happening to her and what is caused by it

? You will know how fast your child is growing and how big it is in a given week

? You will be prepared for your baby’s birth

We made the HiDaddy application in two versions of notifications!

In the basic version you can get daily messages from your baby, which will be polite and informative

The second version of notifications is the version for dads who don’t treat themselves seriously.

Do you want to experience this time at ease? That version will be for you!

An amazing adventure awaits you soget involved and be a pregnant daddy! 🙂

We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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