Heroes of Metaverse

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2023-06-15 12:46:01
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 7.0+

Heroes of Metaverse

About Heroes of Metaverse

Join the Metaverse, battle against epic monsters, and earn great gear!

Join a Metaverse where everything wants to kill you, and receive the most valuable rewards for surviving as long as you can.

Collect unique items, trade, earn and be the best in this real-time, roguelike game.

Heroes of Metaverse is a real-time RPG action game in a simulated world with randomly generated maps.

Fight increasingly difficult opponents, and receive amazing rewards. You will have several worlds to complete, with a multitude of different landscapes, themes, monsters, and strong bosses for them to conquer, which will be guarding a lot of rewards and experience points for the heroes.

When you die, you lose all progress and must start over from the beginning,

carrying only the equipment and resources you bought and earned in your adventure. To be successful you want to have a great run. You should avoid losing HP at all costs, meaning Heroes of Metaverse is a skill-based and progressive game.

After each expedition, players are evaluated and ranked based on

their performance, and overall battle capability. This Rank increases the amount of experience points and rewards given at the end of the run.

Each hero has a set of skills and equipment available to them, and most of a hero’s power comes from their equipment. Increasing your hero stats and investing in different equipment might lead to different builds, each with their unique playstyles.

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