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2023-06-16 20:42:16
Free Strategy Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Haunted Castle Ghost Game

About Haunted Castle

Fight against the spirits in the Haunted Castle – Ghost Game

Do you often hear stories about haunted castles? ?

One day, you get lost in a castle haunted by spirits. It’s getting dark, Soul on the prowl in the castle. Bang! Bang!!! It is approaching. ?

Quickly run into the empty room, close the door and hide in bed. Absolutely do not leave the room to build your defenses to help you quickly get rid of these evil spirits.

? Features ?

⭐ Feel free to choose from different game modes. You can choose to be a survivor or a ghost

⭐ A variety of items allow you to choose different strategies to fight evil

⭐ Complete your first night in the Haunted Castle for newbie login reward

⭐ Defeat soul to win MVP rewards

? How to play ?

⭐ 30 seconds countdown timer, leave the corridor immediately, the soul is coming

⭐ Do not follow others into the room. If you walk into a room and see someone in bed, leave that room as soon as possible. Because otherwise you can’t leave the room and have to start the game again

⭐ The safest way is to enter the room and go to sleep to earn coins, you can use your coin to craft items that keep you safe. Never get out of bed no matter what happens

⭐ If the soul attacks your door, press the door repair button to fix the door immediately

⭐ Inside the castle there are secret rooms, if you step inside, leave them quickly. Spend coin to buy those mysterious items, maybe the soul is crazy

? Watch out!

Out in the castle corridor echoes the roar of soul, go to sleep to build defenses to help you survive the night

Download Haunted Castle – Ghost Game now to explore the ghost castle with us.

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