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2023-06-16 18:13:20
Free Puzzle Game
Requires Android
Android 8.0+

Happy Find Hidden Objects

About Happy Find

Search, prop hunt and collect in this game.Enjoy various levels in play-time.

Welcome to the world of “Happy Find”!

It is a game to seek and find various hidden objects in wide pictures. When you find out, tap and collect them all to complete the scavenger hunt!

Do you want to be a detective like Sherlock?

To pass the level, you have to check the list of hidden objects which is on the bottom of the screen, and zoom the map to search for the hidden object from the big town people live in.

If you collect an essential number of objects, you can continue to adventure and journey to the next area of the town.

Do you need a clue or a hint?

Are you looking for intuitive easy puzzle games?

Try this find game “Happy Find”! There is no hurry to collect objects,so you can relax.Maybe the best way to play in a parking jam. Also, special items will help you. “Navigator” will show you direction to the hidden object, and ”Binoculars“ tells you the nearest hidden object .

How to enjoy “Happy Find”

1.Search and find hidden objects

Calm down and watch the list of props.

Please don’t be in a hurry, zoom and observe the art carefully.

2. Adventure long days with the picture of map

You would be healed whenever you see the lives of cute people in this town, even if your journey to find out all hidden objects is a struggle.

3. You don’t have to collect perfectly — no need to be perfect.

You need not feel guilty. Special Items will help your adventure!

4. Lots of games that never get boring.

There’s another game with different rules.

For example,whack a mole,catch the mice or treasure hunt.

Can you beat them all?

Are you excited about treasure hunting or geocaching?

If you like Randonautica,Scavenger Hunt, June’s Journey, Where’s Wally?, and Find Out, this find game will also be one of your favorite choices. Download now! This game is so easy that it’s perfect for your friends to play! Let’s play with your family and friends and get excited!

Feature functions:

• Tap to get the listed cute props.

• Intuitive UI and UX

• Colorful Art will entertain your whole family

• Hint and clue are always available for each stage

• Simple game design

• No need to rush—there is no time limit

• Take your time and satisfying

• Easy to figure out puzzle

• Judgment is made user friendly

• Friendly tips, all for free!

What are you waiting for? Start Treasure Hunt now!

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Let’s play Happy Find presented by New Story Inc.right away!

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