Outdo Race

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2023-06-15 12:44:44
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 7.0+ Outdo Race

About Outdo Race

Collect bricks and blocks of your own color and build your tower

Be the last man standing with Outdo race! Join the race and go collect as many bricks as you can and become the last survivor of this battle.

Are you familar with building bridge race and collecting blocks? Now it’s time to collect bricks and build up huge castle! Start with small army then grow big to defeat enemies. The more bricks you collect, the bigger your army and the higher the level of your castle. But beware! You should look out for potential looters, who may jump into you and make you lose all bricks. Your enemy can bring bomb to your kingdom house, and destroy you with their agressive army standing on the wall. You must collect bricks fast and defense your tower carefully to be the last one that stay alive in the most deadly io arena battle. Being the fastest is not enough, you must think smart, plan the right strategy to stay survive and climb to the top on the leaderboard.


– Collect bricks and bring it back to power-up army and upgrade your castles.

– Non-stop collecting and building. Be fast. There’s no time to waste!

– Look at the leaderboad and beware of your enemies from different colors.

– Troll rivals with surprising bombards!

– Become the strongest. Become the last survivor.


– Smooth and colorful Graphics

– Featuring all your favorite monsters from Rainbow Friends, Alphabet Letter, Talking Cats

– Control easily. Only need 1 finger to collect and build.

– Great game for relaxing. Suitable for all ages.

Download Outdo race now and kick all other enemies! Have fun!

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