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2023-06-16 13:26:32
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Garage App Social

About Garage App

Find car and motorcycle enthusiasts near you by location, brand, or model

Connect with fellow car and motorcycle enthusiasts by creating a personal profile and showcasing your vehicles in your virtual garage. Find and connect with community members from your local area or from anywhere in the world based on shared interests like location, vehicle brand, model, year, and trim. Join local groups and stay up-to-date on their latest activities. You can also add yourself to event guest lists and see who else is planning to attend.

Our app offers several key features to help you connect with like-minded car and motorcycle enthusiasts:

– A garage page where you can view and showcase vehicles from other community members based on location.

– A search function that allows you to find members and vehicles based on brand, model, year, trim, or keyword.

– A messenger feature with push notifications for easy communication with other members.

– An events feature with a guest list, filtered by location.

– A group function that allows you to connect with others based on location or shared interests, with forums, group chat, member search, and group info.

– The ability to become friends with other members and stay in touch through a messenger.

With these tools at your disposal, you can easily find and connect with fellow enthusiasts in your local area or anywhere in the world.

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