Gangster 4

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2023-06-15 12:33:28
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Gangster 4

About Gangster 4

Gangster city have a new mafia boss. A full of story grand action game

?Welcome in Gangster & Mafia series where we show you how its look like underground life! Let me introduce you to the story of this gangster game simulator?

??Start work as a grand gangster in Los Angeles city and defeat mafia bosses!??.

?In this city you can theft alone auto or be a real gangster, we give a total freedom in our action game.

That’s how it works. Steal or be robbed, die or survive?.

⚠️In this game, we give you a 3d open world city, supercars, beautiful women, amazing weapons and special vehicles like a tank or helicopter. Decide what’s good for you in gangster life. Do you want to settle this quickly and quietly? Or maybe take part in police chases and tease the army? Thug life moments, thug life decisions, thug life forever⚠️.


– ✯✯It’s a free✯✯

– ✯✯✯Third-person shooter (TPS)✯✯✯

– ✯✯Many vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other autos)✯✯

– ✯✯✯Plenty of weapons from the auto machine gun, rocket launcher to jet pack and grenades✯✯✯

– ✯✯Los Angeles for you. 3D open world✯✯

– ✯✯✯Different missions types: robbery, theft, killing, etc.✯✯✯

– ✯✯You can fly in jetpack✯✯

– ✯✯✯You can join to gangster mafia city life.✯✯✯

– ✯✯We give you a new action game✯✯

– ✯✯✯You could participate in grand action✯✯✯

⚠️Download for free TPS , join and try to be a gangster in our free action game:

Gangster & Mafia Grand Crime in LA City⚠️

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