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2023-06-15 12:11:56
Free Action Game
Requires Android

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale

About Funny Fighters: Battle Royale

Ease into Playtime! Anytime, Anywhere!

Dive into the 5-min brawls to enjoy the whirlwind of fun and excitement!

A Variety of Heroes & Skins

Pick up the perfect fit for you from myriads of Heroes!

Collect stunning Skins to shine on the battlefield.

Wacky Modes with Funny Brawls

A multitude of brawl modes are available to satisfy your multiplayer needs.

Solo: 1v1 Combat, Solo Deathmatch, Elite Challenge (Solo BR)

Duo: Elite Challenge (Duo BR)

3v3: Arena

4v4: Classic Mode, Gold Rush, Soccer

5v5: Heist Mode

Enhanced Mode — 8v8, the ultimate BR mode!

Each mode boasts a unique map!

Myriads of Weapons & Mods

Turn everyday objects into wacky weapons, making brawls a blast!

Collect Weapon Mods for special effects.

Legendary Mods also embrace powerful traits.

Plus, there are loads of themed Weapon Skins to get

Seasonal Battle Pass & Rich Rewards

Complete quests for tons of Gold, items, Mods, and Epic Chest Lottery Tickets.

Each season will embrace a fresh theme!

Rise to the Top and Make Your Name

Mix fun and competition in the Ranked Mode, vying to the top among all great fighters across the world!

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