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2023-06-16 15:56:00
Free Arcade Game
Requires Android
Android 5.1+

Fun Runner Create & Play

About Fun Runner

Play, Create and Share Fun Runner levels

PLAY exciting and unique levels or CREATE them yourself!

PLAY like a pro. Jump, slide & dodge obstacles in a non stop action runner game. Collect coins and amazing power-ups. Master your skills and outrank other players until you conquer the leadership board.

CREATE the perfect level today. Our super intuitive and easy to use in-game level editor requires no coding. Everyone can become a creator. Feel free to use one of our hundreds of elements in your level or use the endless ones already created by our community. And if that is not enough, you can create any element you want with our 3d model editor. Your imagination is the limit. So Make your levels fun, make them beautiful, easy or hard.

SHARE your creation. Show off your unique style. Challenge your friends, family and the whole world. Grow your fanbase by earning play, likes and new followers. Become an influencer and one of our top creators.

Join our fast growing community. Make friends with other players and join groups. You can follow top creators and your favorite styles. Discover the best and most exciting levels created by players just like you in the community. With so many talented players and creators, there’s always something new and exciting waiting for you every day.

Oh, and this one of a kind sandbox experience, is all in your mobile and it’s all FREE!

Free to play, free to create.


★ A fast paced action game for endless fun

★ A Super intuitive and easy to use LEVEL EDITOR

★ Create anything you can imagine with the 3D MODEL EDITOR

★ Publish and Share your creations with the world

★ 100% mobile User Generated Level Platform

★ A new way to play a Runner game


?As a new game, you may encounter flawed gameplay.

If you do, please don’t hesitate contacting us directly at ????.?????????@?????.??? with any feedback or complaint before deciding to give a 1-star rating. ?

We take feedback from our players seriously as we strive to improve our game to perfection. Thanks!

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