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2023-06-15 12:07:07
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 6.0+

Food Land – Survival

About Food Land – Survival

Survivor carnival, Survive the Fun!

Awaken your survival instinct – Let’s fight!


Food Land – Survival is an action role-playing, shooting, hand-to-hand fight, time-based survival, adventure game with roguelite elements. This is a survival game with a completely new storyline, different from other kinds of survival. Besides overly familiar topics such as shooting zombies or fantasy creatures, Food Land – Survival offers a story that is both intimate and novel about the battle of food heroes with insects.

Nowhere else to run or hide, the only choice is to fight to survive.


Our food friends have been arrested by the zombies. The insects and vermin are gathering to attack. They had the ambition of devouring it all.

It is an emergency, let’s fight now!

Become a hero of chivalry, survive and take the responsibility of surviving to achieve a heroic end. You will play as food characters and survive through the battle by killing all vermin. Red pepper – Charlie survivor, Pumpkin – Jack survivor, Banana – Bart survivor, Brotato Bob survivor, … Each character has different powers and strengths, choose a favorite character for yourself and destroy zombie enemies with powerful weapons in your survival fight.


Control the character with joystick, the character’s weapons will automatically attack the nearest enemy. Remaining survival for a given period of time, you will pass the game. After eliminating all the monsters and vermin at each stage, your character will gain experience and level up. When the zombie enemies are destroyed, there are hero coins that will be automatically collected at the end of the survival day. Use the accumulated coins to equip and upgrade the most advanced weapons. Besides, pay attention to your HP bar to prolong your survival because it won’t be regenerated.


1. Variety of characters with different kinds of power

There are different classes of food heroes who will join in this survival battle. You can choose to become pumpkin hero – Jack survivor with damage resistance, banana hero – Bart survivor with variable speed movement ability, pepper hero – Charlie survivor with powerful damage resistance,… Dozens of survival characters with distinguished abilities await your discovery.

2. Diversity of weapons, combine them to deal higher damage.

Choose to use high-damage weapons such as crossbows, bows, darts, shotguns, bazoka,… Or defend yourself with everyday items like fists, rocks, boxing, etc. You can use up to 6 weapons at the same time to survive the crowd. Playing with Boomerang survival, Kunai survival, Mystic Harp survival, Lightsaber survival,… hundreds of remarkable weapons. Upgrade through battles, combine and reinforce different skills, and fight your way to be the strongest in the survival game!

3. Surviving through a swarming mob of zombie insects by destroying them all

Through the survival battle, the more the crowd vermin zombie, the more formidable they are. Be always careful, especially with the last zombie bosses and their fury.

4. Multiple items to help you increase your in-game survival

Bonus little gifts in the game will randomly fall out, instant immunity, instant coin magnet, speed-up movement help you maintain your enduring fighting power in survival combat.

5. Lively shooting sound combined with fantasy background music.

Starting with “Food Land – Survival” – Fight alone, survive to be unstoppable!

Food Land – Survival is one of many free games created by TQC. If you are into playing survival games, simulation games, running games, free games, popular games, try Food Land – Survival.

We aim to be the leading popular game company, creating fun free games, simulator games and compelling role-playing games.

In the future, we will try our best to bring you more game modes including infinity mode and multiplayer mode for you and your friends to fight together.

Share your survival fighting gameplay and comments – we’d love to hear your opinion!

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