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2023-06-15 12:24:16
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 8.1+

Fish Royale Shark Adventures

About Fish Royale

Survival, exploration and growth is key in the world of hungry sharks and corals

Fish Royale is a casual action-adventure game set in the depths of the ocean where colorful corals with beautiful fish live. You need to find your fish friends that all have their own unique abilities and playstyle and together find starfish scattered around the reef. Beware, the ocean depths contain epic bosses and hungry sharks that you need to defeat in order to be successful!

A casual fish game that can be played by anyone!

Fish Royale features:

– Simple and fun gameplay: Eat smaller fish to grow bigger and stronger

– Play as different fish with their own unique abilities and playstyles

– Pop all bubbles that shoot out of the mysterious clam when you feed it pearls

– Evolve your fish with new unique abilities, increase your stats and grow in size

– See how long you last in the fish royale mode where you will face all kinds of fish

– Lot’s of achievements to complete and secrets to be found in the ocean reef

– Challenging levels with hidden secrets

– Face epic bosses where you need to outsmart them to defeat them

Some of the unique playable fish that you can as is the following:

– The Turtle can use his shell to protect and navigate

– The electrifying Eel can charge its skin with electricity and shock everyone to close

– The terrifying Angler can lure fish to its scary jaws.

– The Pretty blue Dolphin can dash and stun other fish with its sonic boom

– The Seahorse can shoot bubbles and propel around fast with its little fins

And a lot more fish for you to discover!

So try Fish Royale today and find your friends and defeat the angry great white shark that lurks in the bottom of the cave!

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