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About FarmSky

Agricultural Administration held a large plot

Farmbook Sky is one of the Farmbook Platform applications for the agricultural sector, is an online system for management. Track all activities in agricultural plots in real time. Link data from agricultural plots to factories. And head office Online work is able to record activities. Easily access and share data to Smartphone Tablet devices and other Kim PC devices.

What are the benefits of using Farmbook Sky?

1. The factory can collect farmer profile, name, address, agricultural plot area Conditions for participation in Kota And a report of evaluation of all agricultural operations that participate in the quota

2. The company can create a work process or systematic plan with standards to increase the work efficiency of the quota farmers to produce according to the target of the factory.

3. Promoters can quickly and accurately plan daily visits to farmers according to the work plan of the quota farmers.

4. Promoters are able to quickly track status of quota farmers who take care of everywhere. In order to be in accordance with the plans and goals of the factory

5. Promoters gather the cost of agricultural production, every activity of the farmer quota plot everywhere For analysis of agricultural operations

6. The factory can plan to procure raw materials according to the period according to the activities in the quota farmer field.

For proper cost management

7. The factory can plan the work of the agricultural product processing line. To be suitable for the harvest period in the quota farmer field

8. Factory can visualize work activities in the farmers quota field wherever and whenever. For tracking, preventing problems, reducing time and saving money For managing large-scale sustainable agriculture

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