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ExpertArcher Archery Scoring

About ExpertArcher

Archery scoring. Scores, sights, handicaps, round lookup, classifications

This is the NEW version of ExpertArcher, please install this version rather than either of the other two – they will cease to synchronise with the database servers in December 2021, and be removed from the store thereafter.

Expert Archer was written to take Archery scoring apps to the next level for beginners and expert archers alike. Store bow details, arrows, nocking point, tiller etc.for all your bows and enter sight marks for any distance for any bow…and of course, record your scores.

You can record scores as on a conventional scoresheet, by entering the arrow values – or – you can switch to target mode, which allows you to place the position of your arrows on a view of the target – you can then use this information to see where individual numbered arrows go over a number of ends….and…it looks cool….

There are new rounds available, and you can create almost any custom round you want, using scoring systems; 10 zone, imperial, field, ‘wa 3d’, ‘big game’ etc. Most of the rounds will calculate a handicap score on the fly,- which can be graphed.

Your scores are synchronised with the ExpertArcher server, so you can record or view scores across different devices, or through a web browser. If you lose your phone, you will NOT lose your scores.

You can enter scores for rounds you have previously shot, or score a round whilst shooting. All World Archery rounds are supported along with Aussie and Swiss rounds, and you will see your saved sight marks whilst shooting a round, so you can’t go wrong (we hope).

You can also add your own practice rounds, which will be shown in (brackets) when used and if you don’t finish a round, you can either leave it to complete another time, or save it as unfinished (at this time you can’t go back to a saved unfinished round however).

The app tracks high scores for practice, competition conditions and tournaments, so you can easily see PBs for different conditions and bows.

Handicaps are calculated for each round shot using the official tables and your season handicaps are calculated and maintained throughout the year. Also the standard classification system (AGB/WA) is used, so you can see your classification for every round shot.

Importantly, your scores are YOURS, and can be imported/exported freely along with sight marks. Don’t put your scores into other apps and lose them….

The author is an active archer in the UK,- if you have any comments and suggestions for this app, then please let me know – the aim is to make this the only scoring app you need, and to enhance with useful features in each version.

For more information, please see

Please make contact if you have any issues with the app, or any suggestions for future changes (expertarcher @ imhotek . com).

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