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2023-06-15 18:08:45
Free Adventure Game
Requires Android
Android 5.0+

Escape from the 70’s

About Escape from the 70’s

You find yourself in the apartment of a professor from the times of the USSR

Studying the works of a professor who deals with the theory of time travel, you yourself find yourself in his apartment of the 70s, from where you need to escape in our days. It is necessary to solve the riddles left by the professor. Your friend will help you with this by contacting you by phone. A small Soviet town will help you plunge into the atmosphere of the 70s. The town itself, in which we get and explore, was deserted due to an unsuccessful experiment.

A first-person game with a lot of details from the time. You need to look for items and solve puzzles associated with them to return home.

This is a linear quest in an open world with different secrets. Having an inventory you will collect items and use them.

Escape from the 70s will give you the opportunity to fully experience the atmosphere of that time.

Solve riddles and escape!

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