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2023-06-15 12:06:09
Free Action Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Endless Run: Jungle Escape

About Endless Run: Jungle Escape

Escape in tunnel and jungle, Experience thrilling endless running game!

Endless Run: Jungle Escape is an running game with various levels design.. The main goal- complete missions and assend score multiplier, adding varieties of scenes and crafty level obstacles.

Discover relic! Adventurer dash in mysterious tunnel to challenge varieties of dangerous traps and complex jungle obstacles. Can you escape to survive and become the hero of protecting relics?


Classic Running Game

●One handed operation; jump and glide, run in right and left to avoid obstacles!

●Blaze, Rolling balls, Pendulum and many kinds of crafty difficulty design- Explore mysteries, Survive through dangers!

●Terrains of tunnels, mines and forests are perfectly integrated; Challenge rich scenes!

●Use Sprint, Shield, Magnets and other power ups to help you avoid barriers!

●Raise react and judge ability; Faster speed comes higher operation demand!

Increase score multiple and equipment skills

●Complete missions, increase score multiples!

●Collect treasure chests, get more pieces and unlock new roles!

●Upgrade props, equip the skills, PK global players!

3D Art Design

●3D art design, enjoy the visual feast!

●Real and vivid character model!

●HD quality and exciting sound effect, experience superb running!


Features of Endless Run Jungle Escape:

Tunnel Level, classic designed

►Twenty-two main roles- Free to choose

►Prop upgrades, equip role skills

Tasks completed, increase score multiples

►Dual handle operation, Integrate road switch and turn gravity play

►Upload real scores, versus global players

Endless Run Jungle Escape is now beginning, choose your favorite character, equip new skills to experience excited running game! Welcome to join our Facebook Homepage :

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