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Earthquakes Tracker

About Earthquakes Tracker

Earthquake notification, proximity – magnitude alerts, track and analysis tool.

Earthquake alerts and information at your fingertips:

* Near real time seismic events notification.

* Analyze seismic activity by plotting on the graph various seismic data spanning from hours to days, month and years.

* Custom proximity and magnitude alerts so you never miss an important event.

* My Zones – define your own zones to monitor by selecting center coordinates and a radius. Use zones list to filter message, sound, voice notification and earthquakes list plus many other features.

* Push notification with custom filter to receive only events that meet your criteria.

* Voice announcer will speak event parameters so you don’t have to read each time an earthquake take place.

* See at a glance global seismic activity in real time by using double bar charts. There are two charts: frequency and magnitude. For a complete overview, each chart displays activity vs calmness by using double colored bars.

* Antipodal map.

* P and S waves arrival time at your location.

* Moon information and position as sub-lunar point in real time and at event time.

* Calculate and display various seismogram and plots for selected event by downloading and analyzing data from nearby seismic stations sensors.

* Space weather(estimated planetary K index bar chart and graph )

And more.. Discover for yourself.

notice: The technology used by this app offers the possibility to sent earthquake notifications as soon as they are issued by data centers. Sometime data is delayed due to processing time on those data centers.


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