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2023-06-16 14:15:26
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Android 8.0+

Earphone Mode Off 2021 Disabl

About Earphone Mode Off 2021 Disabl

Earphone Mode Off or Disable Headphone app would be very helpful to all users.

Some mobiles shows earphone’s plugged in but we cannot connect earphone to our device but Disable Headphone app has a solution for this problem. When your headset still shows plugged in, you can switch to the speaker mode and the sound will come from the phone speaker.

Headset still plugged, you press a Speaker mode on, a sound will out on loudspeaker and your headset will mute.

Music player lets you control songs or audio files played on the phone which makes it a flexible mp3 player option along with disable headphones functionality. You can also control the volume of the files.

Earphone Mode Off or Disable Headphone app would be very helpful to all users experiencing problems with their headphone jack. With this app you can very easily play all your audio through your built in smartphone speakers bypassing the connected headphones just with the flick of a switch.

Earphone Mode Off Features


✔ This apps main purpose is to manage audio output or control audio output.

✔ We can force or set audio output to followings:

✔ Microphone (Enable or disable)

✔ Speaker (Enable or disable)

✔ Wired Headphone (Earphone) (Enable or disable)

✔ Bluetooth support (Enable or disable)

✔ Wireless Headphone (Earphone) (Enable or disable)

✔ Disable all types of earphone or headphones connectivity (Enable or disable)

✔ Switch to default device mode

✔ We are providing floating action button for easy use of app from anywhere in device by only enabling floating action button.

✔ We can also use this app when device headphone jack is not working properly and force audio to specific audio output.

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