Drunken Santa

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2023-06-16 18:37:50
Free Racing Game
Requires Android
Android 4.1+

Drunken Santa

About Drunken Santa

New Year’s fireworks and explosions, that is what you will find in our game.

Christmas gifts are to be delivered on time!
That’s why Santa’s armored sleigh is speeding through the city on a Christmas Eve ramming and crashing cars, buses and giant heavy multiton trucks!
New Year’s fireworks and explosions, that is what you will find in our game.

The feature list includes, but not limited to:
Realistic armored jet sleigh handling
Liquid sleigh repair nanokits in the whiskey bottles
Unique crash physics
Wreck and explosions
Beautiful night city on a Christmas Eve
Lots of cars you can destroy with your throwing gifts and presents
Different sled models
Amazing realistic graphics
Robust and painfully truthful Christmas traffic simulations
Achievements and leaderboards
Easy controls
Love, Happiness and Christmas Cheers
Awesome sound design
Offline and online play
Great variety in traffic: buses, SUVs, heavy trucks

If you like this game you bet we are going to add even more stuff

Wreck other cars to earn points
Successive wrecks and combos give bonus points
Liquid sleigh repair nanokits restore heatlh
Earn the most points and check out your place on a world leaderboard

Unfortunately we couldn’t implement all of the features we wanted to. In our app you won’t find:
A way to order a taxi – Santa Claus drives himself.
Many different levels
Multi-language support
Real car driving experience
Existing modern supercars or muscle cars
Dangerous overtakes
Burning asphalt – it’s winter. The road is cold.
Match-3 gameplay
Real car sounds
Police chases – everybody loves Santa
Guns and gunplay (although we may add Santa bazooka later)
Real ridiculously expensive elite cars
Donald Trump

Also, although we really tried to add these features, we couldn’t make it in time so you won’t be able to:
Smash enemies with swords
Defeat and kill monsters and bosses
Level up heroes
Race a real brand sports car on busy streets
Buy new cars – Santa only drives sleighs
Upgrade cars nor level up cars – Santa only drives sleighs
Become the best driver
Do tricks and stunts – Santa is all about safety. And booze.

But you can experience real holiday madness and lots of crazy awesome moments playing our game. Explosions, presents and Christmas spirits!
In our humble opinion this is the best holiday game of 2017 and, although we may be biased, maybe even the best Christmas game of 2018!
We would also like to think that we made the best racing game of 2017 and, we would go as far as to say, the best racing game of 2018! Although that is not particularly true, because it is not strictly a racing game. Oh well.

P.S. The developers in no way condone or approve of Santa Claus’s actions in this game, please abide the traffic laws.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year! Cheers!

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