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2023-06-16 16:38:00
Free Casual Game
Requires Android
Android 4.4+

Drunken Pirates Caribbean Duel

About Drunken Pirates Caribbean Duel

Sail into laughter! Battle pirates in the crazy Caribbean duel ever!

Fasten your glass eye, perch your talking parrot on your shoulder, and get ready to embark on the most hilarious pirate adventure ever seen in the caribbean sea!

In this rollicking pirate game set in the golden age of caribbean piracy, you will step into the shoes of a somewhat tipsy and bumbling pirate, where your sword is just a fashion accessory. Yes, you heard it right, plunder pirate! Here the real duel is fought with witty words! You’ll find yourself facing drunk pirates, all ready to throw their sharpest jokes at you, but fear not, you’ll have the perfect retort ready for every ribald provocation. Remember, in this paradoxical world, the tongue is more lethal than any well-sharpened sword!

Your goal? To become the King of Pirates! How? By testing your hangover with the most cunning and humorous pirates in verbal duels that will take place in the lively Drunken Monkey tavern, located on a lost island in the heart of the Caribbean. There is no battle that cannot be resolved with a burst of laughter and jokes, perfect for playing alone or with friends!

Become a true legend of the seven seas, discovering the secret of the Pirate Code – an epic treasure book that contains the perfect retort to every taunt. As you win duels against drunken and shameless pirates, you’ll accumulate experience points (XP) to spend on epic equipment and improve your pirate.

Finally, challenge your talent with the most exciting pirate game mode: the caribbean tournament! In this battle, you will have to defeat as many pirates as possible within a time limit, showing every buccaneer that you are the living legend captain that the Drunken Monkey deserves. Do you have the courage to test your abilities and laugh like never before?

Main features of the pirate game:

– Wit battles with colorful and hilarious pirates.

– Discover the Pirate Code and the perfect responses to every provocation.

– Explore a world rich in pirates, humor, and endless fun.

– Sail towards epicness by earning XP and upgrading your equipment.

– Challenge other players in the epic caribbean tournament.

Don’t let your parrot outtalk you! If you like pirate games download the app today and become the brightest and most fun pirate of the caribbean sea!

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