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About Disney POP TOWN

Your world of dreams and magic

[Enjoy the cutest puzzle game in the adorable Disney towns! “Disney Pop Town”]

Fashion Book & super hard level updated! Collect unique costumes and get amazing rewards!

? Medals and trophies are up for grabs in “Disney Pop Town”! Who will be the first to win the coveted Puzzle Match Trophy??

Earn medals and trophies with this fantastic puzzle game! Prove that you are the king of match-3 game!

As you achieve high scores in various events and puzzle stages, you will level up your medals ? and trophies ?!

Collect cool titles according to your medal rank!? Show off your titles earned through event profiles!

???Super hard level added!??? Can you handle the increased puzzle difficulty in the updated “Disney Pop Town”?

Super hard level has been added. Challenge yourself with the most difficult match-3 puzzle levels!

Show off your match-3 skills in the super hard levels that only true “Disney Pop Town” masters can conquer!

?”Disney Pop Town” Fashion Book updated! Collect thousands of lovely Disney costumes!?

Assorted Disney costumes such as “The Little Mermaid,” “Enchanted,” “Cruella,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Winnie the Pooh” are waiting for you!

Collect various costumes and receive fantastic rewards! Special rewards that can only be obtained by completing the Fashion Book!

Collect costumes, complete the Fashion Book, and receive special bonus block items and buffs!

?Lovely Disney character puzzles with cute faces that you can only find in “Disney Pop Town”!?

– Matching puzzles strategically creates special blocks!

– Create special items that can blow away blocks at once with various power skills!

– Adorable puzzle stages with diverse features, such as crossing wooden bridges, flipping cards, and cake pieces!

– You can strategically switch costumes depending on the stage as each costume has its unique effects!

? Puzzle stages decorated with unique Disney themes! ?

– Who will you meet in this town? Friends from different Disney towns are waiting for you!

– Build and complete towns with Joy through the puzzle journey! “Disney Pop Town,” where you can decorate with your own hands!

– Find the secrets of the towns! Listen to the episodes of the characters of each Disney town you visit!

– Help your friends complete missions! Meet new friends in newly updated towns who will join your journey!

?Get special rewards and costumes in different events!?

– ?”Magic Kingdom,” where you can get various rewards by clearing 15 special stages! ?

– In Magic Kingdom, you can find landmarks from Disneyland, such as Cinderella Castle, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Mickey’s PhilharMagic!

– Embark on a match-3 journey on the “Magic Carpet” from “Aladdin”!

– Collect cookie pieces while breaking puzzles with “Vanellope” from “Wreck-It Ralph” in the racing “Sugar Rush”! ???

– “Dice Contest,” a puzzle competition with 50 players! Become the strongest match-3 player!?

– Check out all the events offering Disney costumes and great rewards in the game!

♥ Clear cute puzzles and stars will POP! ♥

Collect stars with your friend Joy and build the towns by solving puzzles!

♥ Collect stars to make Disney Town POP! ♥

Collect stars earned through puzzles to complete Disney Town and also create a wonderful performance venue!

♥ Lovely Disney costumes POP! ♥

Collect cute and adorable Disney costumes to decorate your avatar as a unique Disney character!

The game is best played on a device with a minimum specification of 6S or higher to avoid any potential issues with performance.


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